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Below you will find the most frequently asked question on Popamo. Be sure the answer you are looking for is not among this before contact us. If you prefer you could use the search function of your browser (ctrl+f o cmd+f), if you could not find it you can contact us by email at:

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To contact the seller click on the title of the ad and you will be redirect to the source page with more details and all the instruction to contact the seller.

help contact product owner

The research results are sorted by relevance. If you want to display the most recent results just click on the button Relevancy situated on the top right of the search bar.

order results

After a research click on the button Refine search to filter it which is situated on the right of the search bar. One window will shown with all the applicable filter, you could filter by price, source, type, city and so on.

filter search

In order to restrict the research to the city you are interested in we will suggest you to use the dedicated filter. If the displayed results are not enough try to delete the filters and insert the city straight in the research field.

filter location

If you find some already sold products among the research results, try to contact the origin website for the modification or cancellation of the ad. Once removed from the source website you just need to do the research again and the sold products will not be displayed.

Popamo displays results from different websites. To report a fraud or a violation you will need to refer to the source website. Once removed from the source website you just need to do the research again and the products will not be displayed.

Simply make your research and insert you email address in the window that you will find on the right of the results (if you are using a mobile device click on the menu on the right of the research to open the side menu), choose the notifications frequency and you will receive the notifications of the new products as soon as they are available.

save notification

Simply make your research and apply the price rank among the filters, this way you will have results with those filters applied.

save notification

In order to modify your saved research you need to sign in into your account (if you weren't registered you receive the details to sign in by email), once signed in click on the menu on the top left and access to your panel. Here you will find a dedicated section for you research where you can make modification or disable your notifications.

menu dashboard
edit notifications

In order to help you find always what you are looking for, Popamo saves your last researches in the your browser's cookies. If you want to delete them you just need to click on the X in the homepage of the Country you are making the research from.

save notification

Popamo is the only search engine that makes a real time research among the best websites to give you updated results based on seconds. By using Popamo you won't lose anymore hours wasted in searching for your best deal. Unlike our competitors we can give you research results without any delay. No one is faster than us in founding deals!

real time searches

Popamo is always updated! This is what makes our search engine the best one. The results will be update every time you are making a new research, there are no delay so no one will find the deal you are looking for before you!

real time search results

By saving you researches on Popamo and by activating the notifications you will receive the products as soon as they are availabe. Exactly! Popamo finds the new results real time, you won't get the answer 'Sorry, this product has been already sold' never again!

real time alert

Never fear Popamo helps you. When you are looking for something on Popamo, the system calculates an advised price category and even if you don't know the product you will always know which is the correct price.

right price deal

Once you made a research you will see on the bottom right a check box, click on all the boxes of the products that you are interested this way you will activate the multi-selection menu shown underneath the research bar. You can see all the products by clicking on *open-all, share your selection with a friend, or send it directly to your email address clicking on share.

* Your browser could block the opening of more pages simultaneously, to unblock it just go on the settings of your browser and enable the pop ups for this website.

selezione multipla
multi selection

To modify your saved researches Sign in (if you weren't registered you received the details to sign in by email). Once signed in,on the top left access to your panel where you can find a section dedicated to your profile, from here you can update it and modify it. Remember that Popamo protects your data so it isn't aware of your password, if you forget it you can retrieve it trough the recovery password section.

menu dashboard
edit notifications

Don't worry, you are not the only one! About the 50% of the traffic comes from not computer desktop devices. That's the reason why Popamo offer the same experience of use on every platform. Reduced functionality for the small ones, never again!

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